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To professionally diagnose Volkswagen TDI engines we use the VCDS, formally know as the VAG-COM scan tool. This tool is specifically designed for working on the Volkswagen Audi Group of vehicles and required to accurately set the injection pump timing after replacing the injection pump or timing belt as well as many other important tasks not found on other scan tools.

We are now able to test the second opening pressure on VW two spring injectors with the arrival of our new Bocsh EPS205 test bench.

Not forgetting that Volkswagen has been making diesel engines long before the first TDI, we can provide unique services such as rebuilding injectors, injection pumps and repairing fuel leaks without major component replacement.


Testing and Remanufacturing

Now offering full flow testing for common rail injectors. Flow testing allows for a full picture of the injector operation. Unlike in-vehicle diagnosis, flow testing shows the balance of the injectors at several different engine loads not just idle. Both injection and return quantities are measured to OE standards.

Two spring injector testing to accurately measure both opening pressures.

Flow testing is also available for International/PowerStoke HEUI injectors.

FREE injector testing for most mechanical diesel fuel injections when removed from the engine. Nozzle opening pressure is checked as well as spray pattern. This helps diagnose issues including exhaust smoke, hard start or even engine failure.

If your injectors have reached the end of their service life we offer full injector remanufacturing at a much lower cost than new. The nozzle of the injector will be replace with a new unit, the injector body will be cleaned and resurfaced, and the opening pressure reset to manufacturers specification.

Injection Pumps

Testing and Remanufacturing

One major advantage to bringing your injection pump to us is receiving the invaluable knowledge of knowing why your pump failed. This knowledge prevents costly down time from repeat failures and may address other underlying issues.

Drive-in Service

Diagnostics and Repair

In the ever changing world of automotive diesels it's important to keep up with the latest technology and have the right tools on hand. This is why we use OEM scan tools, like the GM Tech II, and service information to add in our diagnosis of your vehicle. This gives us the ability to perform all the OE tests which were only availible to the dealer until now.

Using the Ford IDS software and Chrysler DRB III we can reprogram any module in your Ford or Dodge diesel truck to the latest calibration and perform an initial programming of new modules.

The Ford 6.0L PowerStroke is a perfect example of the importance of module programming. The Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) drives the 8 injectors in this engine electrically, issues such as hard starting and poor performance when the engine is cold can be eliminated by performing a simple update.

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