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Aftermarket Oil and Fuel Filters


A bulletin from Alliant Power has been released referring to a brand of oil filter which includes a cap. The issue is not with the design but rather the danger of being installed on the wrong application. All 6.0L PowerStroke engines use the same OE oil filter element but some aftermarket companies uses several different designs which can easily lead to a complete bypass of the oil filter.


The Ford 6.0L Powerstroke engine uses a HEUI injection system that relies on oil pressure to hydraulically create peak injection pressure in this system. This means that the engine oil takes on yet another vital roll in the operation of the engine. So, it goes without saying that your fuel and oil filters play a very important part in protecting your injection system. Since the introduction of the first 6.0L PowerStroke back in 2003 an issue has arised with aftermarket filtation on these engines. So much so that Ford has released the below video to address just a few of the serious issues.

To achieve peak filtration in you engine we strongly recommend using the Motorcraft filters or RACOR who is the OE manufacturer of the oil and fuel filters in the 6.0L PowerStroke engine.

The above video covers some of the dangers of aftermarket filters. As time passes more and more issues arise. Below is an example of just this, an aftermarket company uses a "clip" to release the locking taps in the oil filter stand pipe. This may work without any problems until the oil filter is changed to another brand, even the OE one, then the clip prevents the bypass filter from sealing in the new oil filter. This leads to unfiltered oil entering your engine and fuel system. Oil Filter Clip

Contamination of the entire oil system can result from this little clip.

Oil Filter Clip Installed Oil Filte Bypass